What is an Ambassador?

At Her Outdoors, we are constantly looking for people who can help promote our Brand, bring skills to our Events and Inspire Women in to get Outdoors and explore the wonderful world we live in!

As an Ambassador, you will be hosting events with us and for us in your special area or expertise, inspiring women on Social Media to join our community and getting women out of their comfort zone.


What do we do for you?

We provide you a little Starter kit with some of our gear and give you advice on where to start your Ambassador Journey with us. We will then work with you to set up events you can either contribute to or lead. 


What we are looking for!

We want to work with skilled Women who encourage others and are passionate about what they do. We are looking for Inspirational Women from all ages, areas and walks of life to come join us to grow this community!

If this sounds like you, Join us Now!