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Tell us about yourself!

I am a previous PE teacher who has always loved the outdoors and has spent over a decade encouraging girls into the sport and into the outdoors through building their confidence. I have ran Duke of Edinburgh for 5 years and love taking and providing people with new experiences in the outdoors. This goes from people camping out for the first time or seeing their face once they have completed a mountain. I am now looking to gain a new career into the outdoors and have just completed my ML Training and am working towards my RCI training, so that I can take and provide more opportunities for people to gain new experiences within the outdoors. I have hiked in many places including Snowdonia, Peak District and have even hiked the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand. I find the outdoors is my happy place and provides me with a sense of freedom and accomplishment, which I like to pass on to others so that they gain the enjoyment out of being in the outdoors and the wilderness. I have skydived and a bungee jump is next on the list for me to complete. I like being organised, takeaways, keeping fit and spending time with friends and family.

Favourite things to do in the Outdoors

My favourite thing to do in the outdoors is to wild camp and the feeling you get when you wake up in the morning with an amazing view is just amazing. I also enjoy spending time by the natural lakes within Snowdonia and going for a swim first thing in the morning with the mountains as the background is just incredible.

Any Furry Friends you take with you?

I would love to have a companion to join me on all my adventures, I am happy to adopt one.

Why is it important to you to help encourage women into the outdoors?

Even though society has accepted that women should have as much equal rights as men, I do believe that the outdoors is still a male dominated area and that women need the confidence to support us women in getting out into the outdoors. I think that it is important for women to be able to feel the accomplishments and the feeling of being free in the mountains, this comes from determination and passion. I am passionate about the outdoors as much as I am about getting more women involved in the outdoors in many different ways. So that they can take away the confidence, to use within and throughout their lives. I also think that it is important to show women that the outdoors doesn't have to be non feminine as you can still look and feel amazing even in the wind and rain (Waterproof mascara helps). If we can portray this to all generations then women can take the outdoors by storm.

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