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Tell us about yourself!

I love earning my cake. Whether this be through triathlons, running, mountain biking or being out on the hill. I'm a lover of most things outdoors and living in North Wales allows me to completely give in to this - training one day, paddleboarding the next etc. On some of the events I work on i'm described as the one who (annoyingly) is 'still smiling at the end of the day' but i'm no saint. I'm a bit of a fair-weather outdoor-ist. I'm happy to mountain bike in the rain, run if I really have to, but I can't help but think that rainy days are made for cosying up with a book by the fire or finding the best cafe looking for new outdoor blogs to follow. Most happy - when outdoors pushing myself. Least happy - when cold/wet. At the moment i'd say my strongest skillset is in triathlons and training. My running partner would tell you I don't stop talking about it. I really enjoy helping others with their training and getting in to triathlons. Completing my ML found me falling in love with wild-camping - I love setting off for the night, even more so if I get to see the sunset/sunrise! I'd like to get more people into wild-camping, there's something special about waking up completely immersed in nature with mountains around you. Trying to narrow it down and not waffle your day away - i'd say my skills lie in wild-camping, triathlons/event training (and all the aspects that come with this from running to open-water swimming) and hill days, including choosing safe routes, new places and navigation!

Favourite things to do in the Outdoors

Walk - mostly getting high. No, don't panic, this is not what you think. I've found myself climbing to the tops of mountains, tops of hills and monuments (all legal!) to get the best views across the area i'm in. I love being able to see far and wide. If I can combine this with a sunrise, sunset or mini-adventure, even better!

Any Furry Friends you take with you?

Not yet - watch this space for a Collie Puppy!

Why is it important to you to help encourage women into the outdoors?

I think (/know) the outdoors can be a bit daunting, i've been there! Whilst I think there should be a respect for the outdoors and the risks that come with exploring, I don't 'we' should be as nervous of getting out there as we are. This is easier said than done, I know. I am grateful for the adventurous ladies that showed me how to explore, that took me on the trails and spent days with me in the mountains and I think its only fair - if you've had that type of community - to pay that back.

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