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Hannah Byram


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Tell us about yourself!

So my names Hannah, I'm 23 and I currently live in the amazing village of Saint Gervais Les Bains in the French Alps with my partner Jamie. We moved here around a month ago and so far its safe to say we are loving it! My family are a major part of my life and we spend a lot of time together, enjoying both the summer and winter seasons! We often go skiing as a family as its something we can all enjoy together and it's a bonus that we are all at a similar standard (but I am the best!). I've visited countries all over the world one of my favourite adventures being, Nepal just after the disastrous earthquake which struck in 2015. I visited here with my dad where we spent a month trekking in the Himalayas. Together we reached a peak called Chulu Far East of 6,200 meters. I spent a month in a tent, no showers, and no signal, with my dad... And if I'm being honest it was the best experience of my life. It's official; we know every card game there is to play. And after spending so much time together in a tent, I got to know when he was cheating.. which was the majority of the time!!! This was a life changing experience and I got to see to things that will stay with me forever. One thing that sticks with me is how nobody has anything yet everybody is so happy! The children are always smiling and despite the language barrier I communicated perfectly with them playing football with a ball made out of elastic bands!! These are memories which will stay with me forever. Another amazing experience was spending 3 months working and living in America, where i was coaching tennis in a summer camp in Connecticut. Here I would spend my days coaching tennis and spend my evenings being a 21 year old Summer MOM as the americans would say. It's safe to say I made friends for life and I could spend the majority of my days chatting about stories and memories from camp although my family & friends are now sick of them! I've been a keen tennis player having played since I was 10 years old, I've had individual and group coaching in my younger years, From the ages of 13-16 I volunteered at my local club, where I was employed and coached on a regular basis. I currently hold a LTA level 2 tennis qualification, I now coach a variety of different ages of children at many different levels from beginners to club players, and would therefore be confident teaching every level of tennis. My personal sports, which I play on a weekly basis, are tennis and netball. I play these competitively in the local leagues, to a fairly high standard. My favourite sport would be skiing. I have skied since I was 9 and love being surrounded by the outdoors. Last summer I completed a 5 day Ray Mears bushcraft course where I learnt essential survival skills and lots of general knowledge about the outdoors and life skills that will stay with me forever.

Favourite things to do in the Outdoors

I would say it's a toss up between summer hiking, trekking and winter skiing, no better feeling than making fresh tracks in some fresh powder! 🙂

Any Furry Friends you take with you?

On a usual day you could find me chilling with my Boy Beau, (he's a boy with a girl name) Beau= Handsome in French, very appropriate as he is the most gorgeous border collie you've ever seen. ( I'm obviously not biased). He has many nicknames, 1: Mr Beau jangles 2: Jingly Jangley Jones 3: Little Prince. My parents bought Beau for my 21st birthday and he's the best present I've ever had he's now 3 years old he loves the mountains and the outdoors I can safety say he's having the time of his life out here!!!

Why is it important to you to help encourage women into the outdoors?

The outdoors gives you a sense of feeling free and pushing yourself into doing things you might not do on a regular basis. I would take great pride in knowing I introduced/encouraged women to take part in outdoor activities. The outdoors promotes a link between healthy living, eating and lifestyle and in the short time I have been living in the french alps this lifestyle has become a part of my daily routine I feel myself beaming with happiness knowing the outdoor activities are endless and just on my doorstep either in France or in Yorkshire (god's country) aka my home town. Another great things about the outdoors which I love its accessible to anyone and the majority of it is FREE!!

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