Georgie Bourley
Outdoors instructor

Georgie Bourley


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Tell us about yourself!

Hey I’m Georgie! I’m 20 years old and have been in the outdoors industry for the past couple of years! I love every minute of being outdoors whether that is instructing clients or going off on adventures myself! Most recently I’ve found the love for scrambling up mountains with Tryfn being my favourite so far. I love adventures by myself but also have great fun alongside my mates! Join me as I have my adventures and maybe even see some of you on yours too!

Favourite things to do in the Outdoors

I currently have a real favourite of coasteering. The thrill and excitement of jumping off rock at height into the sea below is amazing. Explore the rocky coastline whilst finding some really cool features such as caves and blow holes is amazing too!

Any Furry Friends you take with you?

No furry friends at the moment but plans are underway for one, or two! To be joining me very soon!

Why is it important to you to help encourage women into the outdoors?

Getting women into the outdoors, is all about pushing the boundaries and the assumptions that women can’t do as much as men. Well that’s totally rubbish! Women can do what they do wish to do and achieve their targets and goals they set themselves out to do! If a women or a group of women want to go climb a mountain, they should go climb a mountain and not have to think about it twice!

Upcoming Events from Georgie Bourley

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Check back soon, she will be adding some fun things to do!