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Bex Pope


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Tell us about yourself!

Based in North Wales, being outdoors makes me feel happy no matter what the weather or what the craft! Whether I'm adventuring by foot, bike, kayak, raft, canoe, SUP, surfboard, or occasionally rope, I will be content. Luckily for me, any weather offers some sort of activity for me to have fun with and battling the elements is only half of the fun. There will always be food involved.. either snacks, a solid picnic packed lunch or a hearty pub meal. Usually followed by a pint of local beer or a milky coffee. I tend to enjoy the outdoors a lot more when there's a four legged friend around (which I am constantly borrowing from friends as yet to have my own!) I also am fortunate to work in the outdoors, offering experiences to a HUGE variety of amazing individuals, groups, families, friends and will follow this passion for as long as I am physically (and mentally) capable to 🙂

Favourite things to do in the Outdoors

I literally can never pin point a favourite activity. There are too many variables that make every day in the outdoors totally different. If it is dry and sunny there's climbing and walking, if it's raining there is kayaking and rafting, if it is windy there is surfing, and if it's all of the above mountain biking is exciting no matter what! As long as there is a pub or cafe at the end of the day, all is good.

Any Furry Friends you take with you?

I am always borrowing four legged buddies from my friends as I don't have my own yet. My favourite being Benny the beautiful, beautiful rescue collie.

Why is it important to you to help encourage women into the outdoors?

I think the stigma of a woman's' role in society has been undergoing drastic shift in the last 100 years and I think women in the outdoors help to shift the global perception of a female role. I believe the outdoors promotes healthy lifestyles, develops hobbies and skills, provides careers, encourages fitness, strength and independence and these are things that women have been fighting the right to have for years and years and are also things that social media has the power to take away from the younger generation of girls. The importance of encouraging women into the outdoors couldn't be more valuable.

Upcoming Events from Bex Pope

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